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The latest version now has more than 140 listings! A big thank-you to everyone who has continued to feed us with suggestions since 101 first came to life back in 2007. Please keep them coming.

What's this all About Then
101 Things to Do on a Rainy Day was born out of desperation of trying to find somewhere different, dry and undercover to send our guests during that very damp summer of 2007.

Having decided to put something together for our own B&B guests, I sent a message out around CoaST and Network Cornwall asking for suggestions. The response that came back was amazing and there were almost as many requests to share my findings as there were suggestions. And it all sort of grew from there as did the notion to try and create something that would prove useful for tourism in Cornwall across the board.

Thus I waited until Kim, my other half was completely relaxed - glass of wine in hand and that got the website sorted!

This website is simply an extension of the original list and it allows guests to directly use the list where they have access to an internet connection. It also means that you can, should you wish

  • download a copy that you can print off for your own guests
  • direct your guests to this website and/or
  • include a link to it on your own website
All that we ask of you in return, is that you present this information as you find it and let us know if you spot anything that needs updating.

Gill Jenkins - Bedknobs B&B